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Time Blast Puzzle Game APK Latest Version

Version: 0.20.5
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Description of Time Blast Puzzle Game APK Latest Version

Time Blast Puzzle Game APK Latest Version A free and fun elimination game! In this exciting gaming world, you will embark on an Adventure with the Time Craftsman family, challenging various exciting levels and new chapters. By eliminating colorful blocks and using powerful props, you can keep moving forWard without Wi Fi, overcoming one challenging level after another.

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Game features:

1. Rich level design: The game includes hundreds of Carefully designed levels, each full of challenges and fun. As the level progresses, the difficulty gradually increases, providing players with a continuous stream of challenges and a sense of achievement.
2. Powerful props and boosters: Players can use various powerful props and boosters to help themselves complete levels faster. These props not only bring unexpected effects, but also help players win in difficult levels.
3. No network restrictions: No Wi Fi required, players can play games anytime, anywhere. Whether on the subway, in a caf é, or at home, you can easily enjoy the fun of gaming.


1. Eliminating Blocks: Click on adjacent blocks of the same color to eliminate them. Players need to complete the level objectives within the specified number of steps in order to enter the next level.
2. Collecting props: During the game, players can collect various props and boosters. These props can come in handy at critical moments to help players pass levels smoothly.
3. Explore new chapters: As the game progresses, players will unlock one new chapter after another, each with a unique background and storyline, increasing the fun and playability of the game.

Gaming experience:

1. Cartoon style: The game adopts an exquisite cartoon style design, and the brightly colored graphics are eye-catching. Each level is full of creativity and details, allowing players to immerse themselves in beautiful worlds.
2. Easy to learn: The game is easy to operate and can be easily eliminated with just a tap on the screen, suitable for players of all ages. Even beginners can quickly get started and enjoy the fun of the game.
3. Challenge and Achievement: Each level is a new challenge, and after completing the level goals, players will have a strong sense of achievement. As the game progresses, players will continuously unlock new achievements and motivate themselves to continue moving forward.

Game highlights:

1. Unique Theme Chapters: The game includes multiple unique theme chapters, such as the Stone Age and Wild West. Each chapter has unique designs and gameplay, allowing players to experience the joy of elimination in different environments.
2. Regular updates: The game development team regularly launches new levels and activities to ensure that players always have fresh content to experience. Whether it's holiday events or special challenges, they can keep the game fresh and attractive.
3. Social interAction: Players can share their game progress and achievements with friends through social platforms, and can also give each other props to increase the interactivity and fun of the game.
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